Beautiful aesthetics with exceptional durability

The strength and durability of premium grade aluminium wood planking, with the luxury of high-end affluent aesthetic.

New Innovative Cladding System Launch

At Eltherington, we have over 60 years of experience, knowledge and understanding of the thriving UK Leisure market. We believe this is one of the most innovative cladding systems ever to be launched and provides a host of benefits for manufacturers, dealers, parks and the end consumer.

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Why choose CoreLux


CoreLux is a high-grade A1 fire rated aluminium cladding. It performs as well as other top tier cladding solutions but is fully capable for use with 5-metre site pitch spacing’s.

Supported by a suite of supplements and accessories, CoreLux A1 can be fitted effortlessly with subtle and flush fit corners and joints. Featuring rapid installation with the innovative Quick-Rail assembly.


Its two-tone wood texture effect replicates that of other high end cladding systems, enhancing the quality of this bespoke cladding. Exclusively produced in four core colours: Cliffside,Timberwolf, Almond, Acadia and Cedar.

The first and only Secret-Fix metal cladding system with no visible joints or fixings. CoreLux A1 promotes a higher-end and more pleasing final aesthetic.


CoreLux’s class A1 fire rating allows for close 5-metre spacing, meaning you can fit more leisure homes in your holiday park.

Showing extreme strength; CoreLux A1 boasts a thicker 0.7mm high performing alloy aluminium plank. Meaning your holiday homes can easily withstand general mistreatment or extreme weather.


The composition of CoreLux A1 uses system-leading UV protection coatings; preventing fading, degrading and expansion.

This deluxe, lightweight aluminium is infinitely recyclable and features an exclusive 10-year product warranty.

Colour options


How do we compare?



Rigid Plastic



5 Metre Spacing’s

Flush fit corners & joints

Innovative Quick-Rail assembly

Two tone wood effect

Secret fix system

UV Resistant

No visible expansion


10 Year Warranty

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Leaders in the Leisure Sector

Eltherington has supplied the leisure home and caravan industry for over 60 years.

Throughout this time we have been focussed on supplying reliable, innovative and high quality solutions, which has earned us a place as the Partner of Choice for leading companies in the sector.

We offer a range of standard and bespoke products including exterior cladding, windows, doors and ancillary products for touring caravans, motor homes and holiday homes.

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